Hunters Affiliate Programm

Good hunting and welcome to the Hunters Affiliate Program!
Recommend us to others and get shares in our profits. 
Apart from great hunting experiences that you book for yourself, you will receive 10% of our profit from all hunters who book directly based on your recommendation.
Another 5% of our profit will be given to all hunters who register and book a hunting trip based on this first recommendation.
Also, non-hunters with a good hunting network can benefit from our Hunters Affiliate Program. 
Your commissions will be paid out every six months.
And this is how it works: 
Copy your personal Hunters Affiliate Link - to be found under "My Account" - and send it to your friends. As soon as your friends have registered via your personal Hunters Affiliate Link and book a hunting trip, you can start. From now on you will get 10% of our profit of the booked hunting trips credited to your account. 
Motivate your Hunters Affiliate Partners to share their personal Hunters Affiliate link with friends, acquaintances, and relatives. As soon as the friends, acquaintances, and relatives book a hunting trip via the personal Hunters Affiliate link, the hunt continues. From now on you will get 5% of our profit of these booked hunting trips credited to your account.
If you have any further questions about our Hunters Affiliate Program, please contact us by mail at 

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