1. Registration & My Account

1.1. Are there any costs involved when registering on www.huntingtrip24.com?

No, it doesn’t cost anything to register.

1.2 How old do I need to be to register?

You need to be at least 18 to take full advantage of everything our platform offers.

1.3 Do I have any obligations when registering on huntingtrip24.com?

When registering, you only need to agree with the general terms and conditions and the privacy policy of huntingtrip24.com.

1.4 What should my user name be?

You must use your real name when registering.

1.5 Can I change my user name at a later time?

You can change your user name anytime in “My Account” under “Profile”.

1.6 Can I set up more than one user account?

No, only one user account is allowed per person on www.huntingtrip24.com.

1.7 I’ve forgotten my password. What should I do now?

If you’ve forgotten your password, click on “I forgot my password” on the login page and enter your email address. We will send you a new password, which you can then personalise again in “My Account” under “Profile”.

1.8 I didn’t receive the confirmation email containing the link after I registered. What should I do?

It can sometimes take a few minutes for the confirmation email to arrive, or it may have landed in your spam folder. If you don’t receive the confirmation within 24 hours, please send an email to office@huntingtrip24.com.

1.9 I can’t log in. Why is that?

If you are having problems logging in, possible causes are:  1. You haven’t registered yet. 2.  You enabled the caps lock key when entering your password. 3. Either the email address or the password you entered is incorrect.
If you still can’t log in, please contact us at office@huntingtrip24.com.

1.10 My profile is no longer visible. What should I do?

Try setting up a new profile. If that also doesn’t work, please send an email to office@huntingtrip24.com.


2. Booking

2.1 How can I book a trip?

You can use the search filters to narrow down the search results according to your wishes. As soon as you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can put together your own trip. After you have checked the details, you will be asked to confirm your booking (with obligation to pay). When you have confirmed your booking, the deposit indicated will be debited to your credit card. The balance is generally due 1 month before your trip and is to be paid by bank transfer (free of bank charges for huntingtrip24).

2.2 Can I cancel my booking?

The hunting travel contract and booking confirmation you receive upon booking contain information regarding whether and under which conditions you can cancel your booking. If you still have questions in this regard, please send an email to office@huntingtrip24.com.

2.3 What currency must I use to pay for my trip?
Payments are always made in the currency specified by the outfitter.

2.4 I have booked a hunting trip. To whom must I transfer the deposit and the balance?

After you have confirmed your booking, Huntingtrip24 GmbH will immediately debit the deposit indicated to your credit card. About 1 month before your trip, you must then also transfer the remaining amount to Huntingtrip24 GmbH (free of bank charges). Please read our General Terms and Conditions for information on how payments received from customers are secured.


3. Rating system

3.1 How does the rating system work?

The rating system uses points where a maximum of 5 points can be awarded per question. The rating displayed is the mean value of all ratings.

3.2 Do I have to rate my hunting trip?

You are generally under no obligation to rate your hunting trip. But please consider doing so, as rating your trip lets other hunters know how happy you were and helps them when choosing their trip.


4. Searching & finding

4.1 How can I find what I’m looking for in the enormous range of offers?

The dropdown options and filters on the left-hand side allow you to narrow down your search according to your personal preferences. If you already have a precise idea of what you want, use the advanced search on our homepage.

4.2 How does the advanced search work?

The advanced search allows you to define all your search criteria in one step. You will then only see offers that fulfil these search criteria.

5. Before your trip 

5.1 Do I need to book my flight myself?

Yes, you need to book your own flight. However, in the near future it will be possible to book the cheapest flight for your hunting trip when booking on our platform.

5.2 Can I take my own weapon with me?

In principle, it is possible to bring your own weapon. However, in recent years a number of airports and airlines have started to charge additional fees for the carriage of weapons, making it both expensive and tiresome. In this case, we recommend renting a weapon at the hunting grounds. In certain countries, such as Poland and Tanzania, it is forbidden to hunt with a rental weapon. You need your own weapon in these countries.

The descriptions of the hunting trips always include the relevant import regulations for hunting weapons.  If you still have questions in this regard, please send an email to office@huntingtrip24.com.

5.3 Can my family come along on my trip?

Generally speaking, family members or other non-hunting guests can join the hunter on most hunting trips. In certain cases, e.g. a wilderness hunt, there is a limit on the number of participants because of the small-sized tents that are often used. It is also important to note that most hunting grounds do not provide alternative activities for non-hunting guests during the hunt.

However, more and more outfitters are trying to accommodate the wishes of their guests by offering special arrangements for groups of non-hunters. Destinations such as France, Spain, Mauritius, South Africa and Namibia offer a lot of interesting activities for non-hunters who do not wish to accompany the hunter. It is generally also possible to extend your stay and arrange tourist activities before or after your hunting adventure.

5.4 What happens if I get sick in the run-up to my trip?

No one wants to come down with something before a trip, but it can always happen. This is why we recommend taking out a cancellation insurance to limit the cost risk.

5.5 Do I need a visa for my destination?

Some countries require a visa, and the application process differs from country to country. There are countries that do not require a visa, while some issue a visa upon arrival. In other cases you need to apply for a visa at an embassy/consulate several weeks before your trip. The descriptions of the hunting trips include information on visa requirements. If you still have questions in this regard, please send an email to office@huntingtrip24.com.

5.6 Do I need a hunting licence from my home country to hunt abroad?

Sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t. The description of the trip contains all the information you need in this regard. If you still have any questions, please send an email to office@huntingtrip24.com.

5.7 Which documents do I need?

In order to avoid misunderstandings regarding your hunting arrangements, you should always take along a printout of the Huntingtrip24 documents describing your booking, the trophy fees, special arrangements, etc. Also, you should have your hunting licence, your European firearms pass, passport, travel insurance policy (if applicable) and your flight tickets at hand. Several hunting countries require a formal invitation from the outfitter/operator, which you must present to the authorities when you enter the country with weapons. If such an invitation is required for the hunting trip you booked, you will receive it from huntingtrip24 before leaving for your trip.    

5.8 What clothing and gear do I need?

The clothing and gear you need depends on the country you’re travelling to. You can find information on the country’s climate and the expected weather conditions online. Take note that it can be cold in Africa and warm in Greenland. Please also have a look at the check list on www.huntingtrip24.com.

5.9 Can I rent a weapon?

Because it has become quite expensive and tiresome to travel with one’s own weapon, rental weapons have become a popular choice. For this reason, most operators offer their guests a range of modern rental weapons. The price for this service varies, but it is generally cheaper than taking along one’s own weapon. Please note that some countries require you to bring your own weapon. If you still have any questions, please send an email to office@huntingtrip24.com.

5.10 Do the hunting grounds provide an interpreter?

In many cases the hunting grounds have an interpreter, but the professional hunters also usually speak English at the very least. Please be aware that this can vary from country to country.   

5.11 What is stalking?

Stalking is a form of hunting in which the hunter carefully moves towards the game until he/she has a favourable position within shooting range. 

5.12 What types of game can I hunt?

You can hunt all types of game offered on the platform, provided that they are not sold out. Please remember, though, that there may be lengthy waiting periods e.g. for big-game hunts or types of game for which not many licences are available.

5.13 How much does a hunting trip cost?

When you have put together a hunting trip on the platform, you will see the total price for the trip (excluding your travel to and from the destination and travel insurance).

5.14 Is hunting a good thing?

Although it may seem paradoxical, hunting done under controlled conditions benefits the animal world. Hunting generates the money needed to maintain the natural surroundings of the game in the respective country, especially in agricultural regions that do not leave much space for wildlife. The commercial but controlled sale of the natural wildlife surplus brings money, employment and food to local communities and motivates them to protect their natural hunting areas and wildlife. Without the income generated by hunting, none of this would be possible.

5.15 Can I go on a hunting trip if I don’t have a hunting or weapon licence from my home country?

Many destinations in Africa accept hunters without any hunting training, experience or a licence. In this case, the inexperienced hunter is always accompanied by a professional hunter. But you will probably be required to take a shooting test before the hunt. In Hungary you need a valid hunting licence from your home country, otherwise you will not be allowed to hunt.

5.16 What is the penalty for illegal hunting (poaching)?

It is illegal to hunt without the required local permits and licences or to violate local regulations. The consequences of illegal hunting depend on the nature of the offence and the country in which it is committed. Usually, perpetrators are severely penalised and require legal assistance. Do not hunt illegally.

5.17 I’m a novice hunter. What kind of hunting trip would you recommend?

As a novice hunter, you would be well advised to book a fully guided hunting trip. You will then be accompanied by an experienced professional hunter who can help you develop your skills, e.g. stalking a roebuck in Romania or hunting antelopes in Africa. These types of hunts are an excellent way for novice hunters to indulge their passion at a relatively reasonable price.

5.18 I’m a woman. What kind of hunting trip would you recommend?

You can find hunting packages specially designed for women on our homepage under “Women’s hunting packages”. These packages offer, for instance, roebuck hunting in the mornings and evenings in combination with various wellness treatments in beauty salons or spas near the hunting grounds during the day.

5.19 Do I need any vaccinations?

If vaccinations are necessary for your hunting trip, you will find all the relevant information at www.huntingtrip24.com under the item “Information”.  

5.20 How much cash should I take with me?

The amount of cash you need on your hunting trip depends on the destination and the package you booked. In principle, for hunting trips booked on www.huntingtrip24.com the only money you will need is for personal use, tips/gratuities, hotel costs before and after the hunt (if applicable), and if accommodation is not included in the package.

All costs relating to the hunting trip are settled through huntingtrip24. It makes sense to take a few hundred euros’ worth of local money and/or the main currency of your hunting destination with you for use in local shops and restaurants and/or to buy souvenirs. 

5.21 Will I be picked up from the airport?

If you are arriving by plane, you will generally be picked up by the outfitter. Please find all information regarding your hunting trip on the platform under the item “Information”.

5.22 Can I customise my hunting trip?

You can create your own bespoke hunting trip on the platform. If you still have any questions, please send an email to office@huntingtrip24.com.


6. During your trip

6.1. What should I do if I get sick during my trip?

If you fall seriously ill, we recommend contacting the insurance company to discuss how best to proceed. Your host can assist you. If you still have any questions, please send an email to office@huntingtrip24.com.

6.2 What if I want to shoot more game than I booked?

Many hunting grounds allow you to shoot more game than you originally booked. The costs for the additional animals will then be settled through Huntingtrip24 after your return in accordance with the price list on the platform. 

6.3 What if I run out of ammunition?

We always recommend taking enough ammunition along if you will be using your own weapon to hunt. 40–60 rounds of ammunition are usually sufficient. Some hunting grounds have ammunition for sale, but we would advise you not to count on it.

6.4 What can I do if I have a problem with my weapon?

In most cases, you can rent a weapon at the hunting grounds. In some countries, however, this is not possible (e.g. Russia, Tanzania). Please see the information on each individual hunt to find out whether rental weapons are available.

6.5 What if my trophy is larger or smaller than I booked?

Most hunting guides have a lot of experience in assessing game, but keep in mind that you are ultimately responsible for your shot and for the trophy. In some countries, such as Hungary and Croatia, it is possible to book a trophy of a certain size with +/-10% or 15% flexibility. If your trophy is outside this range, you are normally not obliged to pay for it, but then you cannot take it home with you either. If you have any questions, please send an email to office@huntingtrip24.com.

6.6 What happens if I wound an animal?

Any animal wounded and not recovered is generally regarded as shot. Certain hunting grounds charge 50% of the regular trophy fee for a wounded animal. Normally, though, a wounded animal is considered shot and the full price is charged. Please check the terms and conditions on the platform for the specific policy of the hunting grounds you are considering.

6.7 What if I don’t get along with my guide?

Fortunately, it rarely happens that hunters and guides do not get along. However, should you find yourself in that position, please speak to the responsible person on site.

6.8 Can I take my trophies home with me straight away?

You may be allowed to transport small trophies in your luggage, but there are many exceptions. Please find out whether it is possible on site.

6.9 What happens if my flight is delayed or cancelled, causing me to lose a day of hunting?

In some cases, it is possible to extend your hunt. If this is not possible, you are entitled to compensation for the lost day.

6.10 Can you provide assistance during my trip?

Yes. You can call our emergency number at any time. Please only use that number for real emergencies.

6.11 Are gratuities standard practice? And if so, how much is appropriate?

Yes. At most hunting grounds the staff expect to receive a gratuity. As a rule, hunters give their guide a total of EUR 70–140, which he will then distribute among the staff (provided that you tell him to). In some countries, a larger amount is customary. If you have any questions, please send an email to office@huntingtrip24.com.

6.12 Is there a laundry service at my destination?

Most of our hunting grounds offer a daily laundry service. Please check the items under “Services included” and “Services not included” in the terms and conditions of your planned hunt.

6.13 Do I have to pay for meals during my stay?

Please check the items under “Services included” and “Services not included” in the terms and conditions of your planned hunt.

 6.14 What should I do if my weapon does not arrive at the destination?

The outfitter on site will help you to resolve the issue. Also, many hunting grounds offer rental weapons.

6.15 What if there is no game to hunt?

We only offer trips to grounds with a healthy game population, so there should always be game to hunt. That said, it is in the nature of hunting that there is no guarantee for success. In the event that you paid for a trophy but had no opportunity to shoot that animal, you will receive a full refund. This does not, however, apply to accommodation and catering costs.  

6.16 Can I book an additional hunting day?

This is possible at some hunting grounds, provided that the day in question has not been booked by other hunters.

6.17 Will I get money back if I quickly shoot the game I booked and leave early?

If you decide to cut your trip short, for whatever reason, the hunting days you do not use will not be refunded.


7. After your trip

7.1 How can I complain if something goes wrong during my trip?

You should always try to resolve any issues there and then. If that doesn’t work, please contact huntingtrip24 immediately at office@huntingtrip24.com. In most cases there is a solution to your problem, but we must be informed as soon as possible so that we can take care of it. It is vital to ensure that any problems are documented in the report on site before you leave the hunting grounds. If a problem cannot be solved on the spot, you must contact huntingtrip24 immediately after your return and send us an email describing the type of compensation you expect.

7.2 What should I do if my trophies haven’t arrived?

Please be patient. Sending trophies is a very slow process and there is a lot of red tape involved.  

7.3 Will I get money back if I shot fewer animals than I booked?

Yes. If you paid trophy fees in advance for animals you did not shoot, you will receive a refund. Please note that an animal wounded but not recovered is regarded as shot.

7.4 Must I pay for any additional animals I shot?

Yes. If you shoot more animals than you booked, you will be charged by Huntingtrip24 GmbH after your return in accordance with the trophy price list.

7.5 Can you provide assistance in publishing my hunting story?

Yes. You can gladly send us your stories and photos for publication. We would also be happy to put you in touch with an excellent freelance author who can help you to prepare stories for hunting magazines, etc. 

7.6 What should I do if my trophies are damaged when they arrive?

Send an email to office@huntingtrip24.com describing the precise problem and also inform the shipping company of the damage.

7.7 What should I do if the trophies delivered are not mine?

Send an email to office@huntingtrip24.com describing the precise problem and also inform the shipping company.


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